grounding and protective stones

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Smoky Quartz.
This is a very valuable grounding stone. It is excellent for helping you connect to your physical body especially when activating the upper chakra aligning them to the non-physical chakra above the head.
It is excellent for absorbing and transmuting negative energies within the environment. It grounds it into the Earth, neutralizing it. Smoky Quartz blocks geopathic stress and absorbs electromagnetic smog (a good one to place between yourself and the source of these energies. It could be placed on your computer desk to help avoid exposure). It is also very helpful in alleviating stress in your life.

This offers more of an energy of spiritual protection. When in resonance with its high frequency vibrations, negative energies and entities cannot connect or hang on to your energy field.

Black Tourmaline
This protects against electromagnetic smog and negative energies. Place between yourself and the electromagnetic source. It also clears negativity in your surroundings and any negativity, which you might be holding.
Black Tourmaline is also helpful for ridding the mind of negative thoughts. It works well to protect your own energy field. It is also a good antidote to stress and worry.

This stone purifies and protects. It is thought that those attracted to it are old souls who have been incarnated many times on earth.
It neutralizes negative energies, purifying the aura. It is an excellent grounding stone helps heal any ‘energy leaks’ in the aura. On a physical it can cleanse the liver and kidneys.

Black Obsidian
This is a stone of protection. Placing one on the navel grounds spiritual energy into the body. A large piece of Obsidian helps to block geopathic stress and it is extremely effective at soaking up negative energies.
It cleanses the aura removing and eliminating negative attachments. It is a strong grounding stone stimulating the root chakra and connecting with the Earth star chakra below the feet, downwards into the Earth. It creates a protective shield and seals the aura.

Apache Tear.
This is a form of black Obsidian, excellent for absorbing negative energies, protecting the aura and grounding the Earth chakra. Its energies are gentler than Black Obsidian.

This helps to ground spiritual energies and offers spiritual protection and purification. It creates a shield of light when worn, providing a barrier and a protective bubble. This is helpful for sensitive individuals who easily take on the energies of others around them. It disperses negativity and fills the aura instead with high frequency light.

This is one of the most effective grounding stones, excellent for helping to reconnect to the body and the physical world. It helps alleviate feelings of confusion or feelings of not being held firmly in reality.
As with most grounding stones it connects to the root chakra. An interesting factor in relation to Hematite is its role it plays in the manifestation process. In order to manifest ones desires and dreams it is necessary to bring the energies of the etheric realms here into the physical plane. As grounding stone Hematite provides an excellent tool for this process to occur.
It is not enough to connect to the higher realms. Wearing or carrying Hematite can translate visions or dreams into reality. Emotionally it helps you to focus and encourages a practical and level approach to things in general.

This is a strong protector and absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces. Its strong connection to the Earth makes it a grounding stone for higher energies. It also cleanses the aura and the chakra.

This is also a grounding stone and is good for geopathic stress and blocked ley lines. As with most grounding stones it connects to the base and earth chakra. It is a stabilizing stone that grounds and centres the body. It is good for ‘floaty people’ helping them connect more to their physical body.

All of these stones mentioned are also very beneficial to those working in the healing fields which covers a wide spectrum of areas.


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September 16, 2017
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